Comfortable and ergonomic harness with five attachment points specifically developed for positioning and rope access work.

Main characteristics:

Wrap-round structure with broad padded lumbar support made of breathable mesh for optimum comfort when working suspended for long periods.

Shaped, padded shoulder straps to avoid chafing against the operator's neck.

Adjustable wide leg loops which the operator can move up and down their legs to ensure maximum comfort even in a sitting position.

EN 358 lateral attachment points with two positions: work mode - facing outwards for connection to a positioning line; standby mode - folded inwards so as to not interfere with the operator's movements.

EN 361 dorsal attachment point is free to rotate on itself in order to prevent accidental hooking, especially when working in confined spaces.

The attachment point on the lower part of the waist belt is designed for the attachment of a restraint lanyard.

4 large gear loops for carrying equipment and 4 attachment points for karabiners to attach equipment and accessories.

Legs loops provided with quick-release buckles with correct insertion indicator.

Working load: 140 kg.

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