Basic Ladder Safety

This crossover training course is providing additional knowledge for the safe use of portable ladders and stepladders, to participants that have already completed at least the Basic Safety Training for work at height.

Entry Requirements:

• 18 years old.

• Medically healthy and fit.

• Work at Height Basic Safety Training.

Duration: 1/2 day (~4 hrs)

Ratio: 1/8


Participants will acquire knowledge and skills in the following:

• Types of Ladders & Duty Rating.

• Selection of the Proper Ladder for Each Task.

• Pre-use Inspection of the Ladder.

• Reading the Safety Labels & Instructions.

• Work Site Preparation & Signage.

• Proper Setup of the Basic Ladders Types.

• Safe Use of Single, Extension & Step Ladders.

• Stabilize & Secure a Single or Extension Ladder.

• Use of Fall Protection Systems.


After completing the course, participants will be able to choose, inspect, and use all basic types of single, extension, and stepladders safely.


Participants would have completed a practical assessment to obtain their certificate. (Valid for 3 years).

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