HSE Consulting

Τogether we will evaluate your needs and we will propose suitable solutions to design and perform any work at height

Risk Assessment

Call us to check your facilities or the case of your work and prepare the Risk Assessment document.

Based on this document will decide on the safety measures to be taken and personal protective equipment to be used in each case. A fall protection plan will be prepared on the basis of these figures.

We can advise you about the manufacturers and suppliers of personal protective equipment that you need, permanent restraint and fall arrest systems, or we can supply them directly at preferential prices.

Safe Work Method Statements and Safety Instructions

After completing the first step and identifying the risks and measures to be taken, we will issue the safety instructions and safe work method statements for those who perform work at height.

These documents will be shared with all staff so that everyone will work under the same safety guidelines.

According to this document, we would recommend the training courses that should attend your technicians.

Rescue & Evacuation Plan

Before starting any work at height or in confined spaces, a rescue plan must be drawn up, which will include every possible emergency situation and their responses.

It should include the basic steps to be taken (flow diagram) and all the individual phases of the plan, in a detailed and understandable manner.

According to this document, the training of your technicians will be adapted to evacuation and rescue situations.