Confined Spaces Safety - Basic Safety Training

Under European legislation and guidelines for safe entry to and exit from confined spaces, this training program offers the required knowledge and skills for the safe use of PFPE, mobile anchor systems, and rescue systems for confined spaces.

This lesson does not include the use of other PPE (such as breathing masks or respiratory systems, full-body protection suits, etc.), or other measuring equipment for atmospheric control, explosive environments, chemical or toxic environments, etc.

Entry Requirements:

• 18 years old.

• Medically healthy and fit.

• First Aid at Work course.

Duration: 1 day (~8 hrs)

Ratio: 1/6


Participants will acquire knowledge and skills in the following:

• Understanding the definitions and characteristics of confined space and permit-required confined space.

• Recognizing the hazards and dangers associated with confined spaces.

• Knowledge about safe operating procedures in confined spaces and the duties of the support personnel.

• Pre-use inspection, fitting, and adjustment of the PFPE. The hazards and risks associated with the incorrect use of PFPE.

• Installation and pre-use inspection of mobile anchors systems and lifting devices.

• Understanding the permit to work system (PTW) and rescue plan.

Practical confined space entry/rescue (horizontal and vertical).

• Emergency procedures and rescue of personnel in confined spaces.

• Practical confined space entry/rescue (horizontal and vertical).


After completing the course, participants will be competent to safely enter and exit in confined spaces and able to perform rescue and emergency procedures for personnel in confined spaces.


Participants would have completed a theoretical test and a practical assessment to obtain their certificate. (Valid for 3 years).

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