Fall Protection Awareness

This program is specifically designed for professionals and workers who are required to operate in environments that do not provide adequate fall protection. These environments may include rooftops, tanks, buildings, vehicles, and other similar locations. The program is also geared towards those who may use permanent and portable ladders, lifting platforms, work baskets, and scaffolding.

Entry Requirements: N/A

Duration: 6 hrs
Ratio: 1/12


After completing the course, participants will have acquired the following knowledge:

• Understanding of current national and European legislation for working at heights.

• Recognizing the hazards when working at height.

• Understanding basic concepts such as Work/Travel Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, primary and backup safety points, SWL - WLL - SF, etc.

• Understanding the importance of Permits for Work, Risk Assessment for WaH, JSAs, Fall Protection Plans, and Rescue-Evacuation Plans.

• Knowledge about systems and fall arrest devices, lanyards, energy absorbers, anchor points, and mobile anchor devices.

• Selection, user inspection, fitting, and adjustment of the PFPE. The hazards and risks associated with the incorrect use of PFPE.

• Calculation of the potential fall distance, clearance and swing.

• Safe use of ladders, MEWPS, and scaffolds.

• Safe use of permanent and temporary, vertical or horizontal lifelines and self-retracting lifelines.

• Reference to Suspension Trauma and first aid protocols and the procedures to be followed.


Upon completing this program, participants will be proficient in identifying potential fall hazards and implementing appropriate measures to prevent falls. This will ensure their safety and increase their productivity, as they will be able to carry out their work with greater confidence and efficiency.


Participants would have completed a theoretical test to obtain their certificate. (Valid for three years).

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