Technical Rope Rescue course for Fire Services


In July was completed the Technical Rope rescue course for the rescuers of 8th EMAK.

The program is designed to meet the specific training requirements of EMAΚ Fire Department units.

This is a comprehensive 120h - course, covering any possible rope rescue scenario, suitable for rescuers participating in height rescue operations, using fall protection equipment, ropes and related rescue tools.

Through theoretical and practical modules, the program provides the knowledge and skills needed to enable participants to work safely and effectively during rescue operations using ropes in any area, whether it is an urban or "natural" environment.

The program includes methods of safe access to and from the hot zone, risk assessment of the rescue, rigging for rescue and edge management, construction and use of temporary anchors and anchor systems, safe use of mobile anchors, pulleys and pulley systems, lifting and lowering principles, rope maneuvers, tension ropes and highline systems, use of stretchers in rescue and much more...