Rope Access Supervisor

This course will provide the necessary additional knowledge required to supervise any work task using industrial rope access techniques. 

Entry Requirements: IRATA L2 & L3 or L1 with more than 1500 hours experience. 
Duration: 4 days

Ratio: 1/6


After completing the course, participants will have acquired the following knowledge:

• Understanding of current national and European legislation of rope access methods for work at heights and safety standards.

• Risk Assessment, method statements, and rescue-evacuation plan.

• Understanding the importance of supervision and the role of the rope access supervisor.

• Understanding basic concepts such as main and backup systems, SWL - WLL - SF, Fall Factor - Impact Force, etc.

• Understanding the mechanical advantage, basic pulley systems, and haul systems.

• Fitting, adjustment, pre-use inspection, and care of the PFPE. Supervise and check the equipment used by operatives.

• Select and use anchor points, knots, and rigging techniques. Rope rigging and rope management.

• Basic and advanced rope maneuvers such as:

  • Ascending and descending
  • Changeovers and re-belays, aid climbing, passing deviations, etc
  • Rigging for rescue and tensioned ropes
  • Basic and advanced rescue techniques


The course aims to give participants the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to supervise rope access technicians.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to plan and organize rope access work tasks, to identify and control the risks, through the documentation of risk assessment and method statements.


Participants must complete several theoretical and practical tests to obtain their certificate. (Valid for 3 years).

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