Rope Access Technician

The most comprehensive rope access training in three levels (L1, L2, and L3) gives all the necessary skills to work at height, in every industry, built, or natural environment.

Entry Requirements:

• 18 years old.

• Medically healthy and fit.

• First Aid at Work course.

Duration: 5 days (~40 hrs)

Ratio: 1/6


Αfter the successful completion of each level, the participants will have the following knowledge and will be able to carry out the following tasks, under the supervision of a Level 3 Rope Access Technician.

• Understanding of current national and European legislation for working at heights.

• Recognizing the hazards when working at height.

• Understanding basic concepts such as Work/Travel Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, main and backup safety point, SWL - WLL - SF, etc.

• Knowledge about systems and fall arrest devices, lanyards, energy absorbers, anchor points, and mobile anchor devices.

• Pre-use inspection, fitting, and adjustment of the PFPE. The hazards and risks associated with the incorrect use of PFPE.

• Calculation of the potential fall distance.

• Safe use of fixed ladders, permanent and temporary lifelines, and self-retracting lifelines.

• Basic knowledge about rope rigging and mechanical advantage using pulley systems.

• Lifting operations using ropes and pulleys.

• Basic rope maneuvers with two independent ropes such as:

  • Ascending, descending, passing re-belays, passing knots on ropes, passing rope protection, passing deviations, rope to rope transfer, etc.
  • Vertical and horizontal aid climbing using personal PFPE and equipment.
  • Rescue techniques from ropes, height workplaces, and confined spaces.

• Reference to Suspension Trauma and first aid protocols and the procedures to be followed.

• Rescue and Evacuation procedures from height workplaces, towers, and confined spaces using ropes and typical rescue kits.


After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to move and work safely on any structure or environment, using ropes and other PFPE. They will be also able to use the proper knots for rope rigging and anchor systems, safely lift parts and equipment with pulley systems, and perform a rescue from ropes, height workplaces, and confined spaces.

Level 2 and Level 3:

Participation in the course RAT L2 and RAT L3 requires rope access work for at least 12 months and a minimum of 1000 hours of work (for each course), documented by a supervisor RAT L3.


Participants would have completed a theoretical test and a practical assessment to obtain their certificate. (Valid for 3 years).

For Level 2 and Level 3, the training courses are more comprehensive in more difficult and complex rescue procedures and require more difficult and demanding assessment. 

After 6 months without registered hours, the certificate is not valid any longer.


We can also organize this training course under the IRATA scheme and obtain the organization's certification.

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