Ski Lift Rescue

The course is aimed specifically at Ski Resorts Rescue Teams and provides the participants with the knowledge and techniques that will be needed to operate safely and effectively in rescue and evacuation operations from a cable car or ski lift chair, at the resort's premises.

Entry Requirements:

• 18 years old.

• Medically healthy and fit.

• First Aid at Work course.

Duration: 2 days (~16 hrs)

Ratio: 1/6


Participants will acquire knowledge and skills in the following:

• Recognizing the hazards when operating at height.

• Pre-use inspection, fitting, and adjustment of the PFPE and associated gear for cableway access and raising/lowering systems.

• Hazards and risks associated with the incorrect use of PFPE and raising/lowering systems. 

• Safe use of fixed ladders on towers, safe method of access, approach methods from the cableway.

• Rescue injured or unconscious persons and long-distance lowering. 


After completing the course, participants will be prepared to operate in any rescue and evacuation scenario, fast and safely.


Participants would have completed a theoretical test and a practical assessment to obtain their certificate. (Valid for 1 year).

Refresher training:

For rescuers attending the two-day program, a one-day refresher training is necessary every year.

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