Aerial Dance Safety


The event was marked by the launch of the DPESS (DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION & SPRT SCIENCE) of the University of Thessaly entitled: "Applied Leisure Sciences: Nature, Sports, Arts".

The project is about connecting movement, sports with art and culture. For this reason, the project Aerial Dance is evolving into historical and cultural monuments and sights. The performer of the project is Dr Zafiroudi Aglaia (Lila) who is a member of the Laboratory and also a professor at DPESS of the University of Thessaly.

As part of the project, on July 30, a similar event took place on the Paleokarya Bridge at Pili, with similar success. Partners in the project were Dr Harilaos Kouthouris - Professor of DPESS, Director of the Laboratory, Mr Zafiriadis Paschalis, Project Manager of High Access, responsible for the safety of the performer, Mr Thanos and Yiannis Floulis responsible for the photography and video recording of the event as well.