Rescue drills at Rio - Antirrio bridge


On the 10th and 11th of October, rescue drills were carried out on the Rio - Antirrio bridge "Charilaos Trikoupis" by High Access, led by Zafiriadis Paschalis.

High Access has undertaken the study of the Rescue - Evacuation Plan of the Bridge and these drills have been carried out as part of the completion of the study.

In two days, rescue drills from 11 different zones on piers, pylons, and other parts of the bridge were completed.

Last day of the drills, Fire Service officers (6th and 8th EMAK) also attended some of the rescue drills on the bridge's piers and congratulated the Management efforts on maximizing health and safety conditions as well as the effective design of the rescue - evacuation study from High Access.